Broski Marketing Offers 3 Services namely: Web Design, Commercial Photography and our own advertising service called BizListings.

Broski Marketing, founded By David Dambrowski & Monika Meyer started in 2013 when we started noticing that there was a demand in our area for websites and there was no real commercial photographer either.
We did our research and started looking for different and more effective ways that companies can make their website more interactive and interesting and that is what we started focusing on.

We provide interactive services which keep people interested and showcases their business in the best way possible. Our interactive services include our 360º virtual tours as well as creating e-Books providing some form of activity and intrigue on your website. Virtual Tours can be implemented into websites and we also took it a step further by creating a virtual tour business directory namely BizListings.

BizListings started as due to a struggling economy businesses were struggling to advertise their products and services cost effectively so we decided to create a way for all businesses no matter what the service or product to have affordable access to the web by starting BizListings.

BizListings offers companies to have their very own page on the internet that is just about their business. Depending on the option chosen a business can add a video clip to their listing, use a 360º Virtual tour and also add their company details, social media and make use of Google maps. Read more…

Our Photography is done by David Dambrowski who has over 20 years of photographic experience. He has done studio photography, commercial photography and our latest addition to our commercial photography is product photography. We use only the top of the range equipment and we are always studying and keeping up with latest developments and techniques to ensure that we offer the best, latest and highest quality photos you will find.

When it comes to our Web Design department, the person who handles the websites is Monika Meyer. Having completed many inline courses and done multiple website over the years we are able to guarantee a well run, interactive and user friendly website that is modern and current! The web is forever changing and it is important to change with it! There are always new techniques arising and that is why we are here to ensure that you and your website stays current.

Company Directors:

Managing Director: David Dambrowski

Director: Monika Meyer

Broski Marketing Strives to offer only the best quality and is continuously striving to find out how to serve all our clients to the best of our ability. Its always about our clients and never about us. We offer a personalized service and go out of our way to ensure our customers are happy.

Our Mission is to become a well known brand and to offer companies services and products that they can rely on. Your needs are important to us and our goal is to help you succeed!!



David Dambrowski
He has his National Diploma in Marketing & Sales. David has done extensive research in all the fields that Broski Marketing offers to ensure that you as the client gets the best possible service and results.
David is our main  photographer – Broski Photography which is part of Broski Marketing and these services are also available on request. Specialising in Commercial Photography David has done work for Tsogo Sun Group, Steers, Fishaways and Dros to name a few.
Have a look at our Portfilio to see some of his work.
David currently runs the Commercial Photography and is our company representative out in the field.

Monika Meyer
Currently runs the Administration, Web Design, BizListings, Mystery Shoppers, and Social Media for Broski Marketing (Pty) Ltd.
She has over ten years administrative experience, 3 years web design experience and has completed multiple courses in web design, photography and social media management.


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