We Aim to provide Affordable Advertising to All Businesses both big & small.

Having dealt with many companies, we have come across a common denominator that all businesses are struggling to compete and get better exposure.
Businesses are also struggling to afford the amount of advertising required to get the exposure they need, because face it when the budget needs cutting marketing is the first place everyone looks.  We believe that that is the biggest mistake one can make as marketing is what will bring in the new business.

That is why we decided to create BizListings to offer great exposure at affordable prices!
Our main form of exposure is social media, local advertising boards, as well as strategically placed advertisements in local high traffic areas.

BizListings Currently gets +/- 30 000 Hits per month

Here is BizListings, our Virtual Tour Business Directory 

What we would like to do with bizListings is to capture all businesses through virtual tours and list them, offering a completely different outlook to what a normal directory is supposed to look like.

Our Virtual Tour Directory offers great advertising space and as soon as we have captured the Vaal Triangle we will move forward and capture the rest of South Africa. This may be a big task but we know that this will be an amazing journey. We invite you to join us on this journey and become part of the Virtual Tour Business Directory.
Our Directory is unique in that it offers interactive advertising opportunities to companies and companies that are not currently able to afford a full website are still able to have a web presence that intrigues and captures the potential customers attention.



BizListings has Three Packages, Our FREE Package, Our Primary Listing & Our Primary Plus Listing!

Our Free Package offers the opportunity to load your company with it’s contact details for FREE!

BizListings Primary Plus Listing

R250.00 p/m
  • R225.00 p/m1 yr debit order Contract 10% disc
  • R200.00 p/m2 yr debit order Contract 20% disc
  • R2 550.00 p/aUpfront Pd 1 yr Contract 15% Disc
  • R4 500.00 /2 yearlyUpfront Pd 2yr Contract 25% Disc
  • Includes - 10 Photo Slide Show &
  • 360º Virtual Tour / 1 Video Clip ( to be provided)
  • Company Name & Contact Details & Website Link
  • Google Maps & 8 Category Selection & Social Media Links
  • Description Area & Email Link
  • R350.00Once off listing compilation fee

BizListings Primary Listing

R100.00 p/m
  • R90.00 p/m1 yr debit order Contract 10% disc
  • R80.00 p/m2 yr debit order Contract 20% disc
  • R1 020.00 p/aUpfront pd 1 yr Contract 15% Disc
  • R1 800.00 /2 yearlyUpfront pd 2 yr Contract 25% Disc
  • 6 Photo Slide Show
  • Company Name & Contact Details & Website Link
  • Google Maps & 6 Category Selection
  • Description Text area & Email Link
  • R350.00Once off Listing Compilation Fee


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